Sometimes the helping hand reaching out ...

...IS A PAW.

Your new dog... trying to find home.


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[tagline_box link=”″ button=”Donate Now!” title=”Helping Paws is a volunteer organization whose mission is dedicated to saving lives & finding permanent homes for stray, abandoned, & surrendered puppies & dogs. ” description=”your donation makes a difference – thank you for your support!”][/tagline_box]

About Adoption

Easier than it looks and harder than buying from a pet store (Helping Paws doesn’t support puppy mills!), adoption through a shelter or rescue is infinitely more responsible and rewarding. You are saving a life!Learn More

About Fostering

Have you ever wanted to do something that really made a difference? Giving a homeless dog a temporary home changes the life of that dog forever.Learn More

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Look through all of our available dogs and puppies to find your next family member!View Dogs Here

About Helping Paws

Helping Paws is dedicated to saving the lives of adoptable puppies and dogs from high-kill shelters and rescues in the southern United States.Learn More